In addition to the bourbon bottle themed jersey there is also an accompanying long-sleeved T-shirt available in a limited edition. This year's T-shirts will be printed with a beautiful 4-color process design on the front and one color on the back on a "natural" colored high quality 100% cotton garment by Print Tex-USA in Louisville, KY.
All participants in the tour will also get a complimentary short-sleeved T-shirt that features a different design - also printed on a natural colored shirt. Both T-Shirts have the same art on the back - a map of all threee OKHT courses along with the sponsors' logos at the bottom - all printed with a very dark green ink.
Reserve your long sleeved T-shirt now before they sell out. T-shirts sizes are available on a first come basis and will be distributed on Saturday September 7 during the OKHT ride registration. They will also be sold in Bardstown, at Spalding Hall, that same evening. This year's long sleeved T-shirt is cheap, $US15.

View the optional long sleeve T-shirt design.

View a detail of the optional long sleeve T-shirt design.

View the complimentary short sleeve T-shirt design.

View the design for the back of both T-shirts.


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