On Friday May 31st, 2002, LBC members Ted Wathen, photographer, and John Paul, designer, loaded up the gear and headed for The Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History, in Bardstown, KY, to capture the images for this year's OKHT jersey. See the photo shoot.
The resulting two images were scanned by VOmax. Days of photo-retouching helped to create the final artwork. In addition to the dozens of prohibition era whiskey bottles from the museum's collection many new labels were created to personalize the finished design.
Some of the label themes that were added are tributes to people and places; Stephen Foster, Bardstown, The LBC Mad Dogs, the towns the tour goes through, and many other surprises too numerous to mention.

View the 2002 Jersey design

In addition to the bourbon bottle themed jersey there is also an accompanying long-sleeved T-shirt available as a limited edition. All participants in the tour this year also receive a complimentary short-sleeved T-shirt that features a totally different design. Both T-Shirts have a map of the three courses on the back. Sizes are on a first come first serve basis.
The OKHT jersey will be shipped to Kentucky from Massachusetts via UPS Ground by August 16th. The retail price for the jersey is $US60. The whiskey themed optional long-sleeved T-shirt is $15. Reserve yours now - before they fly off the shelves.

View another mock-up of the 2002 Jersey design

View details from the OKHT jersey:

Logo on back

Logo on front

Booze bottles

More Booze bottles

Hey, is that Earl Jones??

Tribute to Pottershop Road

Unexcelled for medicinal purposes?

Photographs from the unveiling at the RED Lounge on 9/4/02.

Photograph of LBC folks in Bardstown

This jersey might not be for everyone, but you'll know by now if it's for you.



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