Very special thanks to Ted Wathen for providing the highest quality photography services - without which this jersey would not have been possible. If you ever need commercial quality photography do not hessitate to contact Quadrant Photography.
Special thanks to Marilyn Motsch for passing the torch, sharing her files, and allowing the cycling strummers to continue their journey. If you ever need excellent graphic design or illustration contact Marilyn at Stellar Design.
Thanks to Mary Ellyn Hamilton, the director of The Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History in Bardstown for allowing Ted and I to raid her broom closet.
Thanks to the fine folks at VOmax for creating a jersey that will definately get some attention. A very special thanks to Kevin & Paul McLaughlin at Kelvin Cooperage for donating barrel heads for our time trial trophies.
Thanks to all who provided comments for this Web site - before they ever saw the jersey - based on thumbnail images. These are the folks who buy and wear jerseys - and those who know an original design when they see it.
Thanks to all of the volunteers who help to make OKHT the finest bike tour in the USA.

And finally, thanks to Apple computers who helped make it all possible.

john paul ~


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