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"The jerseys were shipped on Tue. Aug. 27 and might be delivered on Fri. Aug 30."
Vince @ Vomax - 9/30/02

"The jerseys are coming along fine, will be done printing the end of this
week. May need some bourbon after this one's done."
Ray @ VOmax Art Dept. - 8/7/02

Customer Comments

"I like the design, very cool, very Kentucky and very Bardstown." "Good job JP! It is nice to see other fellow cyclists / designers doing jerseys for the club."
Legendary LBC jersey designer

"Kudos to John Paul and Ted Wathen for their collaboration on the really cool jersey design for OKHT 2002. What a fun idea - wish I'd thought of that!"
Award-winning LBC jersey designer

"I've decided to definately do this one! I'm buying that shirt, too!"
An avid cyclist

"It's a great design. I will also buy one for my husband!"
Kathy S.

"I love it! I definitely want one of those."
Walter L.

"I love the design. Great job!"
Scott S.

"The completed layout is way cool. This will be a very proud addition to my jersey collection."
Ted W.

"Wow! I've been smiling all day about the design for this year's jersey -- it's absolutely inspired! Despite what Earl says, one CAN have too many jerseys in the dresser drawer, but I'm definitely going to have to add that one to my collection."
Lewis M.

"Awesome jersey design, J. P.!
Steve R.

"I think the shirt is really very cool and totally unlike any other bicycle shirt anywhere. Congrats. Too bad you couldn't put a few cigarette packs on it somewhere to cover the training nutrition pyramid. I'm not sure if the sponsors will feel they got enough space, but the shirt is much the better for that."
Bob H.

"The jersey is incredible. I do love it (the jersey that is). I meditate when I ride and I think you have hit a new genre with the cycling community. I hope even the jersey design company recognizes your unique design."
Eddie D.

"It will be a big seller this year."
A prophet

"Holy crap, I just checked out the jersey and it is WILD with a capital WILD! Is the pic of all the bottles really the jersey? Will it look as good as the pic? Any chance to market it in stores and over the Internet, I think this one might have some wide spread appeal since it is so unique."
a marketing genius

"Pretty wild. What has the response been so far? I think it will be great with RED shorts!"
A cyclist wearing red shorts

"F*%#ing A... that's a must have!"
Name withheld

"John Paul - we're not discussing religion, the Sistine Chapel or the Constitution. These issues can be resolved."
E. Jones

"While I do like the design, I do not think it is appropriate for a family type event. It causes me to wonder if this is "The Old Kentucky Home Tour" ride or the Whiskey Ride. Is there another design we could consider?
Name withheld

“I would have the same family concern as (above).”
Nme withheld

"For those of us who live in Arizona and other places outside Kentucky and won't be able to ride in the Tour, but love fast horses, fast women, and sour mash, how do we get the jersey?"
Terry -

"That is absolutely the sickest jersey I've ever seen. I love it. The jersey alone would be a great reason to drive up from Memphis."
Jeff H. - Memphis, TN

"... cool (T-shirt) design. I can hardly wait to get the T-shirt."
Mike P.

“I love it (the t-shirt - that is)!”
Kathy S.

“I like this proposal...thanks....”
Jim T.

“The design is quite good, I think. However, I also think we should be very careful with any theme that appears to promote alcohol on a t-shirt. On the other hand, I do not think bourbon tasting is not inappropriate. At first I was struck by the idea that was inconsistent but I think the crux lies in the way a tasting can be segregated and controlled.”
Name withheld

"Gotta have one! Great work, jp."
Cheryl B.

"If that jersey isn't a huge hit I will eat my bike shorts!"
A legendary semi-retired jersey designer

"I'm really looking forward to this year's bourbon tasting."
Earl J.

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